We’ve Shipped! Reviews, Contest, and Gratitude!!!

First and foremost, a massive thank you is in order! Gurumin 3D is now available in the eShop and it couldn’t have been possible without your support…seriously. We really enjoy talking with you, reading all of your positive comments on Twitter and Facebook, and seeing the love pouring in from press outlets – it makes […]

Gurumin 3DS in frame 03

Gurumin and the Ebb of The Rhythm Bar

Gurumin connoisseurs frequently ask about the Rhythm Bar (or lack of one) and role that music plays in the game. It’s a great question that deserves a serious and more in-depth answer, so here goes. As Mr. Yoshihiro Kondo, now President of Nihon Falcom and originally the scenario writer for Gurumin, mentioned in an interview […]

Making of Gurumin

Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of Gurumin

A behind the scenes look at a day in the studio during production of Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure. You’ll watch as voice director extraordinaire Kris Zimmerman puts Michael Gough Robin Atkin Downes  and Dee Bradley Baker through their paces as Hyperbolic, Pierre and Rocko, respectively. Parin, voice by Amber Hood, was recorded on a previous day. This is actually the way video games dialogues are almost always put together… it is not actors reading around a table. Instead, each actor reads his or hear part and then dialogues are edited together in post production. Now you know!

Gurumin 3DS

Where Does the Gurumin Name Come From?

Many Gurumin fans are convinced that the name Gurumin has something to do with the Japanese word guru-guru. It really makes sense since guru-guru is a word used in Japanese to describe something rotating or whizzing around in circles and Gurumin is full of things that…